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Thread Contributor: VenderierBanned!
I've got a ban. That's all I know for now.
Nickname ^^22Venderier (^2Venderier)
Would like to know the reason. What was wrong? Tongue
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No recoil ` Info from Wymiatacz
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Okay. I don't want to spam shoutbox so I will write what I think here.

First of all I don't agree with Scream that the cheater will always be a cheater. It's like saying that human personality is constant and does not experience any changes which is complete false. The game has almost 13 years. Do you believe that 12 yo boy who was cheated on 2007 is still cheating now when he is 23 yo? Is he still the same person? I doubt that.
But that's not the point of all of this.
Please, admit this is the first ban in your entire CoD2 career for so called "No Recoil". I've never seen somene gets banned without any warning for fakin No Recoil.
Do you know what is this "cheat" stands for? Well... the gun doesn't move when you are shoting while aiming.
A lot of harm done I guess
This "thing" doesn't help at all for the person who is playing this game for 10 years and is used to normal aiming. It's making aiming completely unnatural and this is the last cheat I would like to use. If you'll try it (on the other server I recommend to not gen an instant banishment here) you will admit that.

This is just ridiculous for every person who thinks logically. It's like baning someone premanently for using "No fog" or "Crosshairs".
Crosshairs is also a so called "cheat" but it's available through options on your server... similarly to !fov command.

I know the most of you will think I'm trying to help myself there but please believe me it's not a point. I'm playing since yesterday. I have nothing to lose actually and I have about 10 other CD Keys to play again. I just want to make the point that you should be more human and polite for all the faking players who are visiting your server.
If you are willing to ban people for things like No Recoil it won't help at all.

Wymiatacz. You are from Poland such as me and we know each other from different nicknames so I won't attack you for your impulsive acting but I think admin rights are made to use them wisely and not to just have this raw satisfaction from banning someone. Especially when the server is dying from lack of people.

What I didn't say there is that I was aware of "No Recoil" thing and I admitted that I had this immediately after I got banned.
I didn't realize that I have "No Recoil" until I choose to shoot with a Sniper Rifle. Then I've noticed that the scope doesn't move after the shot. I didn't find this issue so alarming. I've just stopped using sniper rifles because It was disturbing for me. I'm used to normal aiming. I have even started to blame server admins for such modification until I realised other players don't have this stable scope.
enjoy the ban
“Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.”
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I have cod from piratebay also, it has no cheats in it.
There is no way you havent noticed you had norecoil.
Theres no need to warn the hackers, they are aware they are using cheats.
Cheats arent allowed on any server, and the server rules are clear enough. Im not sure why youre suprised.
And norecoil helps a lot.
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