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Thread Contributor: Kittiesyogohurthow did u discover *|UP|* back then
hey guys this is just for fun to keep the forum activ

so how did u discover *|UP|*?
my story: i always played cod1 on my crappy laptop when i was 11 and a friend of my had cod2 and i always wanted to play that game,
 so asked him if i could play it. He gave me the disc and told me i could keep it he didnt like it.
i played the campaign 2 times then wanted to play multiplayer didnt work but it was on LAN Blush 
soo i put it on internet and played online and the first server i joined was *|UP|*

sweet kisses ~kitties Heart
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Been playing cod2 since 2008 or so, was getting into a bit of cb.
But then I started playing a lot of zombies and jumping. 
When I came back to cod2 in 2016 I wanted to play some zombies and since xfire was gone I googled and found Gametracker.
On gametracker I quickly found UP and the rest is history ^^
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I took the CD of cod2 from a friend without permission, 2008 (little thief) and installed it. Played a lot on TDM and Warzone servers. Became admin in a deathrun server. In 2012 i found the old UP and fell in love... since my first round i knew i wanted to join but didn't speak any english..
took a break from 2013 to 2015 and saw UP was back. Look where i am now and what i've accomplished.
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When is was younger (like 8-9 years old) my dad and my brothers always played cod and it looked so amazing, i would try to play it sneaky when they werent around even tough i was not allowed to play "violent games" at that age. Later when cod2 released they ofcourse got it when it just came out and it looked even better, at that time i was allowed to play and me and my brother always played the oldest zom server imaginable (with darkened maps etc).

since then i quit playing cod2 because newer games came out and at that time i was addicted to Counterstike source zombie mod.
after a while every gamer has that feeling like: wtf game am i gonna play im kinda bored with all these games i played for so long, Then i remembered... COD2! how could i have forgotten al those tence and exciting moments when being last hunter alive and running from 30 nazi germans trying to bash me with their pistol.

so in 2016 i searched for zombie's gameplay on youtube and i saw Appelman123's videos and i was itching to play again, i installed cod2 but didnt know i had to update the game (it was on 1.1) i left a comment on "Sandro's " youtube channel asking if there is still a oldschool zombie server online and he told me what to do and where to find UP, since then im right here Big Grin
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clicking random servers  Big Grin

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