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Thread Contributor: FjozekGUIDE ON CHARPLE OF CHASE
Map mp_charple_of_chase contains not only usual zombie gameplay. It has the Quest as additional part of the gameplay that makes it more interesting. Also there are traditional secret areas with hidden weapons.

  ● Each player has his own stats board on the screen right side
  ● Completed Quests' names will appear on this board
  Screenshot: [Stats board]

   ● Quests are available for both teams. Separation on Hunters and Zombies based on quest's usefulness for teams.
   ● To complete the Quest you should use ONLY BASH!!
   ● Each Quest appears and is available only ONCE PER MAP!!
   ● There is the so-called helpdesk [1] that shows you the Current Quest and Rewards
   ● Current Quest is to find all the hidden numbers on the map
   ● Hidden numbers are only the numbers that hang on walls or ceilings all over the map

   ● For Hunters:
      - Ammo pack: Full ammo pack. Available in the Golden Chest [2]
      - Water trap: Ability to activate the Water trap [3]
      - Golden Chest: Ability to open the Golden Chest
      - Cage protection: Full protection from getting into the Cage [4]
      - Zombie secrets: Ability to use secret teleports and areas of Zombies

   ● For Zombies:
      - Hunter life: Respawn to Hunters team
      - Hunter skin: Turning skin into Hunter. You are a spy until you're dead
      - Random weapon: Getting a random weapon of Uniting People mod
      - Disable teleports: Ban teleports for all Hunters
      - Explode the wall: Ability to explode the wall to organize shortcut for Zombies

Quest's stuff
     [1] Helpdesk: shows you the current quest and rewards.
     [2] Golden Chest: gives you an opportunity to use Water trap, Ammo pack, DJ Room [5] and has a surprise)
     [3] Water trap: the trap hides platforms for 20 seconds.
     [4] Cage: general prison for impudent players without appropriate permissions and for unlucky players.
     [5] DJ Room: the room with 10 different songs in it. DJ is the man who opened the Golden Chest after compliting Quest: Gold Chest. Use bash to turn music ON or OFF. Everybody can turn music OFF (to prevent abuse). [Example].

   ● Map space
      - Hidden rooms: [yellow room]
      - Secret rooms with [akm room] and [ppsh room]
      - Trap-way with [greasegun]
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I took a part in testings of this map few times already and I'm still lost as fuck Big Grin
It will be nice to explore it during normal gameplay and get in touch with all you have prepared Wink
I hope people won't avoid voting for it. I mean it's really complicated in comparision to all other maps we had here.

Really great job!
Can't wait to play it!
[Image: giphy.gif]
There are 4 teleports and 3 hidden ones. They cover all the map's space. In addition there is the quest Explode the wall that allows to shortcut from 1st to 2nd floor very fast. I have tried to balance everything

I also should test all these HUDs with UP mod. Im afraid of that HUDs may not appear
Nice work fjozek i'll probaly visit this post often hahah

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