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Thread Contributor: CheeseUp members caught hacking
*Read before watching video*

So I have been following a couple of UP members for a few months now, recording them as they play. There are hacking programs such as codehook and x22 which allow players to have silent aimbots. 

I have made a program which detects these programs as well as a pbss (punkbuster screenshot) simulator, as PB isnt around anymore. This creates a screenshot to capture players using wallhacks and chams. 

Below is the video of my recordings  Confused

regards cheese  Undecided

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLRyJ0dawjM
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Shit, we're busted. It was nice! Cya later
uff, not me this time
All fine. Just the normal admin hacketyhackhack.
Move on. Nothing to see here.
Thank you for everything k1R@ - you will always be missed and never be forgotten!

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