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Thread Contributor: Narutoattempt to return
Hey. I'm Naruto and this is my story. I started playing on UP since August 2016. It was my first zombie server and it was really fun. I played not always but most of the time with wall hack. And ofc I got ban for breaking the rules. Then I created a new account (also known as Kimi) and started using VPN. I left this server in January 2018. This is an attempt to come back and be honest with you. I  realize that it's my fault. I'm so sorry for my behavior.
Hey Flash/Nick/Naruto/Spidee
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(01-16-2019, 08:46 PM)Dia Wrote: Hey Flash/Nick/Naruto/Spidee

Hey, Dia. U still remember my names :3 even I forgot them
Nice boi nice
(01-16-2019, 08:46 PM)Dia Wrote: Hey Flash/Nick/Naruto/Spidee

you forgot Kimi and StoleTheShow ;p
This has been resolved long ago, but now I see that I have not replied here.
Its been a year since the ban, and you were unnoticed on your 2nd account all this time. 
You would stay unnoticed if you haven't decided to be honest and come clean.
This is a unique sitation so we are willing to give you a second chance.
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