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Thread Contributor: Corpus.Montage
Hello Boys and girls, hackers and potatoes, i got an idea. Anyone up for making an community montage? Im down for recording and posting videos on YouTube. We can talk thru discord/here/FB. Much love <3
Hazzie,Scream,King and Njofra like men. And possibly girls.
Scream is making one for months now, only a few people bothered to send him clips.
Filence maleno, we'll try and send more. And make more, and ill do frag movies in a few days. :*
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  • ShepZ
Ye, i've been working on a montage.. it won't be a communitymontage bcus only 4/5ppl actually bothered to send me clips xd
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  • Cold, Njofra, ShepZ
Who recording now. Can someone make a frag movie¿

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