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Thread Contributor: Naughty DogGrenade crashing
Hi so whenever i get killed by a grenade or when i shift while scoping it crashes and theres a cod2 has stopped working error

can anyone help1

keep in mind i play on using steam
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Try these 2 methods:

1- Try reinstalling DirectX

2- right click on the cod2 icon, compatibility, select run this program in compatibility mode for win XP, and bottom checkbox run this program as an administrator then try...
sudo apt-get rekt
still crasin mate tried both steps doesnt work
Did you enable steroeomix and plugged in a pair of earphones?
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i did not how i do tht just go sound options ? i mean for steroeomix

like idk what to do atm i reinstalled nothing happened, went compatibility win xp 2 and 3 is what i tried and run as administrator, i was on the forum from element did things i could from there nthng happened, i cant find stereo mix on my pc, and thats pretty mouch it.
Do u have iw_1-15?
And all the other default files?
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(11-17-2018, 08:56 PM)File Wrote: Do u have iw_1-15?
And all the other default files?

yes i do maybe  should degrade windows 7 to xp ? but the question is how i have no disc even idk if it even might be prob with win 7

just to say i am using direct x 11 on this computer if it helps
I had a similar issue years ago, and that was on Windows 7 too. Reinstalling the game fixed the issue for me.
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Yes i think it might be problems with win 7 but idk how to go back to win xp i have no disk :/

quick update i just started downloading windows 10 "from the microsoft offical site" and so far so good ill have a update later when i download cod and try ty guys for tryin to help ;3
well problems i cant go to win 10 bcs of error so idk tf i do at this moment if anyone knows how i can go from win7 to xp without disc put a link but ye till tht im just gonna leave my pc on with forum open hope to find a soulution soon

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