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Thread Contributor: FjozekAnomaly on mp_nasty
Anomaly appears on the map at random time after the horrible sound. It follows everybody, doing damage. The main Anomaly (big sphere) shots with small ones, which are faster than the main one but have got only 100HP (easy to kill). If small anomalies catch you - they stun you for a second.

You can see Anomaly HP in the special HUD on the screen (admins can set its HP, ask them in this case). Anomaly appears only once per map

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It's ya boi Anomaly from Sweden
[Image: 7TVWLJ4cRvwHjFyWCI7sZ1xGUERsLTY3L_yZShhx..._th4ls3LrC][Image: GVtiu9t.png]

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