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Thread Contributor: RoNDB BUFF
So to start it of i wanted to tell that the db cant kill a undamaged zombie on close range so it makes the weapon useless. I know that there were many threads about people complaining about the Double Barrel Shotgun to buff so im just gonna let this thread be here that people think about it and try ingame and then discuss about this.

Dear RoN
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Ron I missed your posts :')
You are right, it should get buffed a little bit.
It will probably happen in the future.
Buff Remington guys. I need more powa!!  Exclamation

Even DB from the past wasn't a big issue for me. The buzzing PPSH was always the worst but I wouldn't remove or weaken any of them. Those guns are characteristic parts for our mod Smile

Guys with DB's was making gameplay more diverse in my opinion and for many players it was fun to play with it. I wasn't a fan of using it, I've always prefered Remi or Trench but I stand for boosting this gun Smile
According to the big issues we have already encountered with DB, we definitely shout not buff It.
Moreover, remington is wayyyy good enough (maybe a little bit too much tho...)
ha ha ha File ! ! !
sudo apt-get rekt
Why not all weps 1 shot 1 kill?!?!??!
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If you really want to buff DB, then fucking reduce the spread + range and increase reload time
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Im not saying we should buff it back fully, we just need to find a balance between useless and overpowered.
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idd make it like the trench gun, balanced.
I would downgrade the ammo how much you can carry with the DB even with fully loaded but increase the damage
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