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Thread Contributor: TRLGSSHow to insert prefabs and xmodels in your map [re-upload]
Today I want to show you how to insert prefabs and xmodels in radiant and being able to modify them later.

There are 2 ways, but I recommend the second one.


This way, the prefab will appear but you won't be able to modify it.
In your map, right click on the 2D grid and select Misc -> Prefab.

[Image: 40a4282db759561440de262b511acfe8.png]

Press N to close the Entity window and select the prefab* you want inside \Call of Duty 2\map_source\prefabs
or \Call of Duty 2\collmaps

Then the prefab will appear, but you won't be able to modify it.


This way, you will be able to modify a prefab, save it with the changes you want and modify them later on the map.

First of all, save your map. (Crtl - S)

Open the prefab you want* from \Call of Duty 2\map_source\prefabs or \Call of Duty 2\collmaps

[Image: 02c9c5c45b455eca462c3810521bb6d1.png]

I will be using townhall_staircase inside \Call of Duty 2\map_source\prefabs\newvillers\props in this tutorial.

The prefab will be open on radiant on an empty map. Now, you can do the changes you want, like adding or removing something, or changing textures. Also, you can resize prefabs, like the UP tag. Select the whole prefab, click Scale and set 3 on X Y and Z, eg.

[Image: 0b034fddfb46837a7327f2c41283e426.png]

I will change the rock texture to another one. To see all textures, press Ctrl-A.

[Image: cfa3b81feab45ee6efdf2d92d1c9e142.png]

Now you can save it, if you want to use it several times, or just paste it on your map.

If you want to save it, don't press Crtl-S nor save it manually. You have to click Save as... and change its original name, as maybe you will need the original prefab later. Save it in the prefabs folder.

[Image: c00acc5d6daf5dd3c51446a2119abc8f.png]

Now, placing this on your map.

Select the whole thing you want in your map. You can do this by pressing I key (Ty, T@ngo!).

You can also do this, instead of pressing I:

Make a block all around the prefab, like this (note that the prefab has to be inside).

[Image: 7911a980479b9212434f60727f09c78a.png]

Now click Select inside

[Image: d1db72d92d27b14de060b36dd7e77326.png]

And then, all the prefab will be selected

Now, without deselecting it, open the map you want

A message will be shown:

[Image: 602e1224aba25cd0aa250838e32a735c.png]

Click Accept

Select your map


[Image: 266624aa2c6f9aafdf34f5e9c7cd6ce3.png]

Click Yes

And the prefab will be on your map, you will be able to edit there too.

*There is a prefab gallery where all prefabs can be seen before open them, it is really useful, here is the link:

Shoutout to KittiesYogohurt as he asked me to do this, hope you all enjoy mapping.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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Wow you making map can i make plsss give link of radiant
Ovuvevuvuevue enyetenwuevue ogbemugbem osas Huh
(05-31-2018, 12:57 PM)NekiLik123 Wrote: Wow you making map can i make plsss give link of radiant



sudo apt-get rekt
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