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Thread Contributor: YesAndyAndy here
Hey guys, my name is Andre, im 22 years old and im from Germany.
Im playing this CoD2 Zombie mod thing since its beginning about 10 years or more ago. idk why, but i never could stop playing this shit, of cours i had some 2-3 years breaks, but always came back <3
Beside the zom mod i like playing some rifleonly snd or dm matches here in Cod2. One other game i like to play is PUBG.

In real life i enjoy going to partys on weekends and sometimes if im motivated enough i play some soccer Big Grin 

If you got some questions, go ahead and ask me
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Hello and see ya in game Smile
1 question: when are we going to play pubg?
Welcome to the forum!
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(10-06-2018, 12:38 PM)scream Wrote: 1 question: when are we going to play pubg?

when ever you want my friend

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