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Thread Contributor: kwinMap rotations/times/rounds
Make map rotations 7 days maximum.

Change maps from 20 minutes to 15 minutes.

Change rounds from 6 minutes to 5 minutes.

In the map rotation thread it says the rotation is for one week. It's now 16th of September.. Map rotations should be 1 week MAXIMUM. So say every Sunday start a new rotation. Sunday will be a busy day and everyone will be able to enjoy the new maps. Then a week long people can play the maps and on Friday/Saturday it will be very busy. Then change the rotation again at Sunday.

Also something should be changed with the rotations anyway, but I'm not sure what. The problem is that you keep playing the same maps when there's so much choice. When you can vote for Zomix, everyone votes for it.. I think 6 out of 12 maps haven't even been played this rotation. At least not when I was playing. 

It's just getting too repetitive right now and people will get burnt out..
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I agree that maprotations could be better. 
We will improve it soon.
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