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Thread Contributor: KajaKVote for your favorite maps
Hello everyone, we want to know what your favorite maps are to help us select future map rotations, so it would be wonderful if you would tick all the maps you like. The map vote can be found in our discord server https://discord.gg/5Urt8jh under #mapvote
I got 2 phones
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  • Cold, Njofra, TRLGSS, Tunix, VeXus
I voted, but later on I found out I liked some other maps too. Couldn't change my vote anymore. Also, I don't know all the map names.. So that's another issue haha.
Just post them here, we'll look into this thread aswell
Doom, fall, nhl, swift, unmapa, rose, slide, under Smile. Wish I could explore maps myself. I love maps with a lot of secrets.

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