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Thread Contributor: SocksComplex gameplay statistics

You've already connected GameTracker tool to the server so we can see our total score and time we spent on the UP server. I believe I'm not the only one who feels more motivated to play since I can see my total score and the board with "Top 10 players".
Maybe I'm kinda "try hard" but it just makes me satisfied to see my nickname on this board - even if I'm the worst basher ever and can't even use rifles properly Smile

Anyway, I'm sure most of you remember so called XLR stats. The complex statistics where you could see every single aspect of your and your friends gameplay.
Even such detailed stats as which part of enemys body you shoot the most and with which weapon. Kill streaks, lose streaks, headshots, bash kills etc.
I remember it was brilliant and it was making people wanna play more often and longer.

It could be more "try hards" and "wannabes" because of it, people who will play only for statistics. There was plenty of them several years ago, but yeah... If you don't care you still have a profit because of more players to shoot.

I'm very curious of what you think about that.
In such shooters like CoD2 it was always all about the numbers  Tongue

[Image: VLUWi6M.jpg]
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