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Thread Contributor: [sweden]Vote to remove maps
You may suggest a map you'd like to see removed from any further rotation.

It'll work like this:

Mention one map in your post that you'd like to see removed entierly from future map rotations.

You will be voting by giving a like to the post if you agree on wanting it removed.

I'd ask kindly of you to only mention one map per post, because some people might not
agree on all of your choises.

So if you want to mention multiple maps, then simply do so in a new post.

If the guideline is not followed, your post will be deleted.

Also, encourage people in the server to go and vote here if they see a map they dislike/don't fit the gameplay.

Keep in mind that your vote wont be final, it will be further discussed.

I'll keep this poll going for a week, and then we'll see what's been concluded.

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  • Cold, Knifehim, Mattie, Njofra, TRLGSS, VeXus
Govas (huge map and hardcamp)
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  • Cold, Dia, Gaxe, Hazard, kIng, Knifehim, Mattie, Njofra, scream, TRLGSS, Tunix, VeXus, Wicked, Wymiatacz
I think Zombiefun is the most frustrating map I've ever played, so I vote on that map.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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  • Cold, Dia, Hazard, kIng, Knifehim, Njofra, scream, VeXus, Wicked, Wymiatacz
Skinless Cadaver
[-] The following 4 users Like Emilka's post:
  • Cold, Hazard, kIng, Njofra
(08-15-2018, 10:41 AM)Emilka Wrote: Skinless Cadaver

That map is already removed :^)
Also, Zombietrade is plain and boring too, and zombies just get spawnraped over and over again, I usually stay as spectator cause those reasons.
[Image: giphy.gif]
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  • kIng, Mattie, Wicked
remove timetodie please and thank you
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  • Dia, Europa, Gaxe, kIng, Njofra, scream, TRLGSS, Wicked, Wymiatacz
Daitek Green
[-] The following 8 users Like Cold's post:
  • Dia, kIng, Knifehim, Njofra, scream, Tunix, VeXus, Wymiatacz
zomix ._.
[-] The following 3 users Like Deadkill's post:
  • Socks, TRLGSS, Wicked
The Yoshi map; small and a lot of hardcamp spots
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