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Mapping - Corpus. - 11-28-2018

Hello Boys and girls, mappers and campers, jumpers and blockers. And haxors. Looking to hook up with someone who is experienced in mapping. Who knows their stuff, i wanna learn how to do that. Any help is appreciated. Shoutout to Nas for introducing me in the basic stuff. We can talk on discord or wherever you like. Greets and kisses, corpus.
WE can also vote what kind of maps we would like to see

RE: Mapping - Nas - 11-28-2018

Hello there,

So, As I have told you in the shoutbox, firstly you have to install Call of Duty 2 MOD TOOLS ( Radiant ), this program will help you to make maps, you'll have the access for everything.

So, to download radiant, CLICK HERE

After you have downloaded Radiant, you should watch this video, so you will be able to learn everything.

It is so simple to create a map, you just need some focus.

If you need any help with installing/mapping or so, just reply here and I will help you as soon as I can.

PM me here your Discord or whatever you like to contact with and I'll chat with you

RE: Mapping - Cold - 11-29-2018


just a little help Big Grin
if you wanna know anything you dont know, just pm me

RE: Mapping - Static - 11-29-2018

Basically, the best way to do that. is learning by yourself mate, u will understand when u solve your first error. tip: dif videos online or important sources, or if someone is willing to show you staff and then u do all that again by yourself which is very timeless too, any prob u have feel free to pm me probably we will solve it. is always good to see new mappers

RE: Mapping - RoN - 11-29-2018

Learn all the hard things and mostly used parts in maps like skyboxes and the rest after that it should be easier for you.