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Cannot join UP servers - Syvn - 11-19-2018

Hey there everyone. 
I have been on a break from Cod2 for around 2-3 years now. 
Got a new PC and when i try to do /connect to the up servers it downloads some of them, it either crashes or says that it cannot connect.

Anyone who can help me out :Smile

Cheers Syvn 

RE: Cannot join UP servers - Socks - 11-19-2018

I think it's the same issue for everyone who try to connect for the first time.
You just need to keep reconnecting until all necessary files will be downloaded. It looked like that also for me Smile

RE: Cannot join UP servers - Syvn - 11-19-2018

I'll keep trying. 
However i encounter that i cannot change my resolution. Furthermore I also cannot open the config_mp file 
Any ideas what to do?