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Information Call of Duty 2 Problem fixes. (Collective thread)
Posted by: ElEmEnT - 10-13-2017, 10:45 AM - Forum: General Support & Issues - No Replies

 - Installation Problems -

Error appearing in the installation. (Library Not Registered)

Open the files of the CD.

Search for the setup.exe on the CD.

Run the setup.exe to install Call of Duty 2.

- Ingame Problems -

Before start (important)
If you tried to play Single player or Multiplayer and the game seems to iniciated, but it seems that only appeared one black screen or the intro logo, before trying any other solution, wait 30 seconds or half a minute, because in Windows 8.1 (and in some cases in other OS) sometimes it takes his time to start.

General fixes (for me worked in Windows 7, 64 bits)

Properties on Call of Duty 2 in Steam Library: 
Verify Integrity of Game Cache and uncheck Steam Overlay.

Go to Steam --> Settings --> In-Game and uncheck Steam Overlay.

Make the Steam.dll and Steam2.dll thing. 
Copy both files from Steam folder to Call of Duty 2 folder. COPY, not PASS.

Put DirectX 7 in options inside de game. 
No Directx9 (it has some bugs), and of course nothing of Directx 10 because the game has a lot of problems with it.

Properties of files COD2MP_s and COD2SP_s on Call of Duty 2 folder:
Compatibility with Windows XP SP3 and put both of them running like administrator.

Turn ON at least one microphone device (I put the others off): 
Panel control--> Sound --> Recording Devices

I did this, I don't know if it's dispensable or not:
Connect another microphone or headphone to the computer on the usb port for microphones.
Usually people have two, one green where you put your headphones and another like pink where you put your microphone. (I put another headphones on the pink and it worked... so I think it doesn't need to be a mic). Normally it's called the frontal pannel connector, I think.

Also I found that some people fixed it by turning OFF all de Recording Devices, but when I did that, I ran the game and instantly I had the problem with COD2MP_s stopped working or something like that, so I turn ON only one microphone device on Panel Control-->Sound and everything was ok.

Even in some OS the game will work by turning ON all of them.

Game freezes in Activision "presentation game".

Download https://robpol86.com/guides/ImageCFG/ and extract it into the installation folder.
Make a backup copy of your CoD2SP_s.exe since we are going to be altering it.
Open a cmd window and move to the installation folder.
Enter this command: imagecfg -u CoD2SP_s.exe
If it worked you should see a little report saying the affinity has been set to a single processor. The -u switch makes the application only run in uni-processor mode.

NOTE: If multiplayer doesn't work simply repeat the steps for CoD2MP_s.exe.

Game crashes when changing resolution

Go to Call of Duty 2 folder --> CoD2MP_s.exe and Cod2SP_s.exe --> Right click --> Properties--> Compatibility --> Set run as administrator and put compatibility with Windows XP SP3.


if that didn't work, try:

Modify the game's configuration file manually with a text editor.

If you're kicked from any server in Multiplayer

Verify that you have the latest version installed of Call of Duty 2 (v1.3), and the punkbuster is updated.

Properties on Call of Duty 2 in Steam Library: 
Uncheck Steam Overlay.

Go to Steam --> Settings --> In-Game and uncheck Steam Overlay.

"Failed to find Steam"
If you see that message, try this:

Go to Steam folder --> Copy the Steam.dll file and paste it into the Call of Duty 2 folder.


If that didn't work, try copying also the Steam2.dll file from Steam folder to Call of Duty 2 folder.

CoD2MP_s.exe has stopped working. Windows can check online for a solution for the problem.

On Panel Control --> Sound --> Recording Devices 

Check "Show disabled devices" and "Show disconnected devices".

Do you have all the devices in OFF? 
Cange one of them (the microphone) to ON and the others to OFF.
Also if you have one device called Stereo, enable it.

Another fix is just plugging in your mic or another headphone into the front panel connector.

If that two things didn't work, try:

Run as administrator, give explicit permissions in Firewall for CoD2MP.exe, pb ,etc...
Run the game in safe mode.

UAC (User Account Control) --> Set to never notify.

Still crashes in multiplayer (only people who tried all the other solutions in this guide)
If you still have crashes when you're playing Multiplayer in Call of Duty 2, try this:

Go to Control Panel --> Sound --> Recording Devices --> Deactivated all of them.

If you have Windows Vista and the number 1 didn't work, try to instead of deactivated all of them, activated all of them.

What Directx do I choose?
There are some serious problems between the game running in DirectX 10, and even in DirectX 9 (specially if you are using Windows Vista). So I would recommend for people who can't play in DX10 and DX9:

Start your Call of Duty 2 game
Go to Options
Go to Graphics
Put the game running in Directx 7

This may affect the graphics quality but the game should run well.

MAC. Not enough space on disk.
I found that this problem hasn't been fixed by Activision.

The only two recommendations are:

Run the game as an admin.

If you don't find any solution my advise would be to stick Steam and it's related content on the drive that has more gb on your computer, you wont have to worry about disk space for steam games for quite a while.

To do that all you have to do is uninstallSsteam and install again but this time when it asks if you want a typical install or custom, you choose custom. You will then be given the option of installing to a directory of your choice, you choose the "bigger" drive.

If at the end nothing of this fixed your game, the only two solutions would be search more info in Google (I tried and didn't find anything that worked) or call to the costumer service from Activision.

NOTE --> If you have differents problems with MAC, search on Youtube. 
I have seen some tutorials that solved problems with graphics and stuff like that.
I don't put anyone here because maybe one won't work for everybody.

Application error the procedure * could not be located in the DLL DSOUND.dll.

Go to this page --> http://www.dllsuite.com/ --> http://www.dllsuite.com/Download.html

Download the program with costumization installation to avoid some stupid adds.

Follow the instructions in the web to repair dll problems (I think you have 3 guides there)

This should work also in others DLL problems with the game.

Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fi...irelogin=1

I think this stuff is still usefull for us.
Greets ele Smile

Lightbulb UP members on forum
Posted by: Deadkill - 10-06-2017, 04:53 PM - Forum: Suggestion & Improvements - Replies (7)

Hey guys,

isnt it an idee so that all the UP members get an diffrent colour on the forum as the old forum?
Easy to see for the people etc.

And the member part of the forum would be nice if it comes back

  Bounce Jump/Slide Tutorial
Posted by: Knifehim - 10-05-2017, 04:01 PM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - No Replies

Hey, here is episode 2, in this video I teach you how to do a bounce jump and also a very nice trick that teaches you how to kill campers. Enjoy!

  Wallspeed/wall running tutorial
Posted by: Knifehim - 10-05-2017, 04:00 PM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - Replies (1)

Hi, I had an idea to start doing some tutorials on tips and tricks in cod2, I started my first episode with a simple trick (wallspeed) but im planing on doing some episodes on strafe jumping, bounce jumping and some other basic/intermidiate/advanced tricks in cod2. Feel free to suggest what i should do next. Thank you

  All ranks with required xp and weapon unlocks
Posted by: Knifehim - 10-05-2017, 03:57 PM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - No Replies

Rank 1 - 0, Private,
Rank 2 - 30, Private I, Unlocks Close assult stock class
Rank 3 - 120, Private II, Unlocks Sniper stock class
Rank 4 - 270, Private First Class, Unlocks Edit Custom class 
Rank 5 - 480, Private First Class I, Unlocks mosin_nagant_mp
Rank 6 - 750, Private First Class II, Unlocks greasegun_mp
Rank 7 - 1080, Corporal, Unlocks nambu_mp
Rank 8 - 1470, Corporal I, Unlocks Recon Perk
Rank 9 - 1920, Corporal II, Unlocks mosin_nagant_sniper_mp
Rank 10 - 2430, Sergeant, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 11 - 3000, Sergeant I, Unlocks m1carbine_mp
Rank 12 - 3630, Sergeant II, Unlocks mp40_mp
Rank 13 - 4320, Staff Sergeant, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 14 - 5070, Staff Sergeant I, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 15 - 5880, Staff Sergeant II, Unlocks enfield_mp
Rank 16 - 6750, Staff Sergeant III, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 17 - 7680, Gunnery Sergeant, Unlocks luger_mp
Rank 18 - 8670, Gunnery Sergeant I, Unlocks Knockback Perk
Rank 19 - 9720, Gunnery Sergeant II, Unlocks Ghost Perk (Prestige 1 required)
Rank 20 - 10830, Gunnery Sergeant III, Unlocks g43_mp
Rank 21 - 12000, Master Sergeant, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 22 - 13250, Master Sergeant I, Unlocks sten_mp
Rank 23 - 14580, Master Sergeant II, Unlocks macgregor
Rank 24 - 15990, Master Sergeant III, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 25 - 17480, Sergeant Major, Unlocks shotgun_mp
Rank 26 - 19050, Sergeant Major I, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 27 - 20700, Sergeant Major II, Unlocks enfield_scope_mp
Rank 28 - 22430, Sergeant Major III, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 29 - 24240, 2nd Lieutenant, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 30 - 26130, 2nd Lieutenant I, Unlocks chainsaw_mp
Rank 31 - 28100, 2nd Lieutenant II, Unlocks walther_mp
Rank 32 - 30150, 2nd Lieutenant III, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 33 - 32280, 1st Lieutenant, Unlocks PPS42_mp
Rank 34 - 34490, 1st Lieutenant I, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 35 - 36780, 1st Lieutenant II, Unlocks g43_scoped_mp
Rank 36 - 39150, 1st Lieutenant III, Unlocks Elite hitman Perk & Panzerschreck Perk (prestige 2 required)
Rank 37 - 41600, Captain, Unlocks bar_mp
Rank 38 - 44130, Captain I, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 39 - 46740, Captain II, Unlocks ppsh_mp
Rank 40 - 49430, Captain III, Unlocks tt30_mp
Rank 41 - 52200, Major, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 42 - 55070, Major I, Unlocks remington_mp
Rank 43 - 58040, Major II, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 44 - 61110, Major III, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 45 - 64280, Lieutenant Colonel, Unlocks letlev
Rank 46 - 67550, Lieutenant Colonel I, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 47 - 70920, Lieutenant Colonel II, Unlocks bren_mp
Rank 48 - 74390, Lieutenant Colonel III, Hardline
Rank 49 - 77960, Colonel, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 50 - 81630, Colonel I, Unlocks kar98k_mp
Rank 51 - 85400, Colonel II, Unlocks m1garand_mp
Rank 52 - 89270, Colonel III, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 53 - 93240, Brigadier General, Unlocks mp44_mp
Rank 54 - 97310, Brigadier General I, Unlocks Resilence Perk & Overkill Perk (prestige 1 required)
Rank 55 - 101480, Brigadier General II, Unlocks kar98k_sniper_mp
Rank 56 - 105750, Brigadier General III, Unlocks Nothing
Rank 57 - 110120, Major General, Unlocks webley_mp
Rank 58 - 114590, Major General I, Unlocks m1carbine_scoped_mp
Rank 59 - 119160, Major General II, Unlocks mp44_scoped_mp
Rank 60 - 123830, Major General III, Unlocks flamethrower_mp & Fully loaded Perk
Rank 61 - 128600, Lieutenant General, Unlocks magnum_mp
Rank 62 - 133470, Lieutenant General I, Unlocks 30cal_mp
Rank 63 - 138440, Lieutenant General II, Unlocks doublebarrel_mp
Rank 64 - 143510, Lieutenant General III, Unlocks Unlocks m1garand_scoped_mp
Rank 65 - 148680, Commander, Unlocks akms_mp & price
Prestige - 175000, >Private, Unlocks Prestige symbol (up to 5) + 1 extra create a class slot (up to 3)

I hope this information is useful to someone because this took ages [Image: grin.png]

Have a nice day.

  Instant zombie spawning
Posted by: Knifehim - 10-05-2017, 03:56 PM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - No Replies

If you have ever wondered how I spawn as a zombie really fast at the start of a round when starting as a hunter, here is how to do it.

First of all you will need to make these binds.

/bind K "kill"

/bind L "openscriptmenu choose_class custom_2" //This is my zombie class in game, this is custom slot 7. So 1=6, 2=7, 3=8.... so on

Now that's done, when you start a round as a hunter (and you want to instant go zombie) Press these keys in this order when the choose weapon menu is shown, 5,K,L. Now you should be a zombie in less than a second. Hope this helps

Additional if you want to choose a weapon to a knife without going into the menu's to pick it, here is the cmd for it, /bind = "openscriptmenu choose_class knife_mp"

  How to insert prefabs and xmodels in your map [re-upload]
Posted by: TRLGSS - 10-03-2017, 10:37 PM - Forum: Maps - Replies (3)

Today I want to show you how to insert prefabs and xmodels in radiant and being able to modify them later.

There are 2 ways, but I recommend the second one.


This way, the prefab will appear but you won't be able to modify it.
In your map, right click on the 2D grid and select Misc -> Prefab.

[Image: 40a4282db759561440de262b511acfe8.png]

Press N to close the Entity window and select the prefab* you want inside \Call of Duty 2\map_source\prefabs
or \Call of Duty 2\collmaps

Then the prefab will appear, but you won't be able to modify it.


This way, you will be able to modify a prefab, save it with the changes you want and modify them later on the map.

First of all, save your map. (Crtl - S)

Open the prefab you want* from \Call of Duty 2\map_source\prefabs or \Call of Duty 2\collmaps

[Image: 02c9c5c45b455eca462c3810521bb6d1.png]

I will be using townhall_staircase inside \Call of Duty 2\map_source\prefabs\newvillers\props in this tutorial.

The prefab will be open on radiant on an empty map. Now, you can do the changes you want, like adding or removing something, or changing textures. Also, you can resize prefabs, like the UP tag. Select the whole prefab, click Scale and set 3 on X Y and Z, eg.

[Image: 0b034fddfb46837a7327f2c41283e426.png]

I will change the rock texture to another one. To see all textures, press Ctrl-A.

[Image: cfa3b81feab45ee6efdf2d92d1c9e142.png]

Now you can save it, if you want to use it several times, or just paste it on your map.

If you want to save it, don't press Crtl-S nor save it manually. You have to click Save as... and change its original name, as maybe you will need the original prefab later. Save it in the prefabs folder.

[Image: c00acc5d6daf5dd3c51446a2119abc8f.png]

Now, placing this on your map.

Select the whole thing you want in your map. You can do this by pressing I key (Ty, T@ngo!).

You can also do this, instead of pressing I:

Make a block all around the prefab, like this (note that the prefab has to be inside).

[Image: 7911a980479b9212434f60727f09c78a.png]

Now click Select inside

[Image: d1db72d92d27b14de060b36dd7e77326.png]

And then, all the prefab will be selected

Now, without deselecting it, open the map you want

A message will be shown:

[Image: 602e1224aba25cd0aa250838e32a735c.png]

Click Accept

Select your map


[Image: 266624aa2c6f9aafdf34f5e9c7cd6ce3.png]

Click Yes

And the prefab will be on your map, you will be able to edit there too.

*There is a prefab gallery where all prefabs can be seen before open them, it is really useful, here is the link:

Shoutout to KittiesYogohurt as he asked me to do this, hope you all enjoy mapping.

  How to add custom skyboxes in your maps! [re-upload]
Posted by: TRLGSS - 10-03-2017, 10:36 PM - Forum: Maps - No Replies

Hello! Today I'm going to show you how to make custom skyboxes, adding them into Radiant and using it into your own map!

Don't you ever struggled trying to find the correct sky for your map, but you weren't not able to? Did you noticed that many textures are similar, and many other are just the same?

For this tutorial, I'm going to assume that you know how to set up and create a map, how to add spawnpoints and how to run it.

Programs that we are going to use:

  • CoD2 Mod Tools: Radiant & Asset Manager
  • Image editor: Photoshop or Gimp
As PhotoShop isn't free, I'm going to use Gimp in this tutorial.
You can find CoD2 Mod Tools easily in google, if you have any problem finding it, contact privately with me.

Important notes to keep in mind:
  • You can use almost every landscape photography in your map.
  • Max supported size is 1024x1024 (as far I know, correct me if I'm wrong), you can use 512x512 pictures in your skybox, but they will look like bad quality
  • Supported format is .tga, but you can convert almost every image file into .tga, so don't worry.


1) Find and download your skybox's images
2) Rename them properly
3) Resize them
4) Convert them into .tga
5) Create the texture using Asset Manager
6) Use it in Radiant
7) Load them properly into your map

1) Find and download your skybox's images
If you search in google, you can quickly find many skyboxes, but keep in mind the aforementioned notes, the texture should be 1024x1024, and they should be a image file.

I've found this website, where you can freely search and download the sky that you like the most.

Thank you, Humus!

In this tutorial, I will be using this one: 

[Image: 67ed40d00a9f41cf338a617dbdff5033.png]

As you can see, the images are 2048x2048, but that's not a problem, since we can resize them easily.

2) Rename them properly
Once downloaded, the 6 images will probably come with this suffix in the name:

[Image: ac1896ef71cb998069a81a242cae0910.png]

If it doesn't, you will have to rename them manually.

Suffix meanings: 
ft = front
lf = left
up = up / top
bk = back
rt = right
dn = down / bottom

The "ground" image must be renamed sky_yourskyname_dn.jpg/bmp/whatever, as "dn" means it will appear down. Same with the rest of the images.

In Humus images, they appear like this:

[Image: 01a358f877c26bcc53dfb61aa496eba6.png]
Rename them like this:
negx.jpg -> _bk
negy.jpg -> _dn
negz.jpg -> _lf
posx.jpg -> _ft
posy.jpg -> _up
posz.jpg -> _rt

This is what I got:
[Image: f7461ee21be590efa82aef40dcfa8d21.png]

Note that sky_darkfog is a random name, use your own name to your sky.

3) Resize them
As those images are 2048x2048, I will use Gimp to resize them. If your images are 1024x1024, skip this point.

Run Gimp, Press Crtl+O to open a file, and select the first of all.
Click on Image, and then Scale Image
[Image: 5d15ccc3771e3e21435187146c543d8f.png]

In Width, type 1024, and press enter, Height will change to 1024 too. Make sure both Width and Height is 1024. Click Scale and that's all. Convert all 6 images.

You won't be able to save then in .tga, so maintain all images opened.

4) Convert them into .tga
Once you have 6 images in 1024x1024, it's time to convert it into 6 .tga files so Asset Manager can create the sky brush.

Click File -> Export As... Or Crtl+Shift+E

On the top, rename the file from sky_yoursky_bk.jpg to sky_yoursky_bk.tga

When asked if RLE compress, tick yes, and in Origin select Bottom left. Click Export.
Do the same with all other images, eventually you will have 6 .tga 1024x1024 images.

5) Create the texture using Asset Manager
Navigate into your Call of Duty 2 folder and make a new folder, named texture_assets, inside of it, I made another one named skybox, so the source is Call of Duty 2\texture_assets\skybox

Move the 6 .tga images inside that folder.

Go into Call of Duty 2\main and create two folders, one named materials and another one named images, if you didn't have it.

Open Asset Manager, running it as Administrator (Right click, Run as admin)

Type the name of the sky, select material from the list and click New Entry. If a window pop ups, press OK.

Now a list of plenty settings will be displayed. Make sure to configure it the same as mine:
[Image: c40564b1d434c5be3835ffeb30f5f30b.png]

Now, click File and Save, and save it (inside the skybox folder, for example) as your sky name, mine is: sky_darkfog. (Don't type manually any extension, it is saved as a .gdt automatically)

Press F10

After the dialog ends, press any key. 

Volià! Your sky texture is saved in /main/ images and materials, so it is ready to use in Radiant!

6) Use it in Radiant
Open Radiant, create a new map if you don't have any, and create/replace your skybox with your new sky texture. It should appear in the texture selection box if you click on Textures -> Usage -> Sky.

[Image: 97d844fb9301109aaa4e09e6cc64d59b.png]

7) Load them properly into your map
In *|UP|* map rules, you must add your map name before the texture name, so if you are sending your map to us, make sure you rename your sky texture and you add it into your map .iwd.

Navigate into /main/images and /main/materials, find your sky texture and rename it as yourmapname_sky_yourskyname and yourmapname_sky_yourskyname.iwi

Create 2 folders inside your mp_map.iwd, named images and materials, and drag those files inside:

yourmapname_sky_yourskyname.iwi  inside images
yourmapname_sky_yourskyname  inside materials

That's all, I hope you understand it all, feel free to comment, ask, or whatever you want :]


This is how it looks in-game!

[Image: 4a37b7f717eb8e00a08b855c12d1e229.jpg]

Question Network updates /connect
Posted by: ElEmEnT - 10-03-2017, 02:08 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

UP is back to it's original port.
Hey Guys,

since we frequently change the ip and port to prevent / defend ddos attacks, we should have a thread to hold everybody updated. So stay in touch with this thread in the upcoming time!

The thread is only meant to inform the community about network changes (new ip, ports, etc.).

The thread IS NOT meant for general server or connection issues.
 OR small talk
->Use the "General Support & Issues" - section instead<-

I have no news for you, but if someone of you notices an ip or port change, feel free to post it here.
The others of the community or the UP-Team will look into it and post the new change.

If we inform us mutually we can avoid upcoming confusion.
Hope to see you all cooperate.


How can I find the new IP + Port of *|UP|* ?

There are some ways to find the server.
  1. Call of Duty 2 Server List
    Open Call of Duty 2 and search the *|UP|* in the server list. 
     - You can see the IP if you select UP and click on Server Information
    [Image: WwRyuPJ.jpg]

  2. Shoutbox
    Sometimes people don't use this useful thread and post it only in the shoutbox.
     - If you find it there post it here.

  3. Gametracker
    You visit Gametracker.com and search UP in this list.
     - NOTE: If you find a server with 0/0 players, the server is down!

  4. Ask your friends / play-mates.
     - If they know the changed IP + Port, post it here.

  5. Top Secret tip and only use in emergency!
    - Ask php on Steam! Steamname: Laughing With (It is his server, so he should know more details.)

  6. If non of these steps worked, pray and wait for an update in this post. Smile

Okay I got the IP and how do I join the server now?

If the server is back to normal, join as known - Join the server by searching *|UP|* in the cod2 server list and connect.

Isn't it listed, follow these 3 easy steps.
  1. Open the console with ^ (above the TABULATOR-key and left to the 1-key)
  2. Clear the console and write " /connect " (without the "")
  3. Paste the current IP + Port behind the /connect.
     In your console should stand now something like " /connect "
    [Image: f7qqjMC.jpg]
  4. Enter.
Mainly this part <- gets changed so have especially a look on this.

I hope this helps those who don't know how to handle the console in cod2.

Greets ElE

  Map Rotation
Posted by: [sweden] - 10-02-2017, 01:39 PM - Forum: Maps - No Replies

new rotation: 2018/3/14 20-30-27
gametype zom map up01_yoshiv3 map up01_winterfell map up01_tangoworld map up01_derm map up01_palace map up01_bier map up01_zombietown map up01_glijbaan map up01_zomfadev2 map up01_dharmainitiative map up01_noob map up01_minecraft