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  Report guidelines
Posted by: php - 10-02-2017, 03:27 AM - Forum: Report Players - No Replies

(reposted, originally written by k1R@)

This guide explains how to report players properly

In General:
- Explain what happened.
- Provide the Name of the rule breaker
- Provide the time and date the incident happened on.
- Provide us the UID of the player, using the getuid command. (Usage: !getuid k1R@ or !getuid xtnded.org#490, etc. for online players)
- Provide us an evidence (e.g. screenshot/video)

Reporting Hackers: 
- A video proof is required.
To take a video you can use /record (in cod2 console) to start the video and /stoprecord (in cod2 console) to stop the video. 
Once recorded, the demo file can then be found at: cod2/upx/demos/demofilename.dm_1. If you found the file, upload it to some file sharing site and insert the link to your thread, so we can check it out and judge accordingly. To view the video you need to use /demo demoname in cod2 console.
Of course you can also use some other video recording tool, uploading the video on youtube is the best option.
- Provide us the UID of the player, using the getuid command. (Usage: !getuid k1R@ or !getuid xtnded.org#490, etc. for online players)

Reporting offensive language, racism, etc.:
- Tell us which players were involved.
- Tell us time and date of the incident.
- If possible, provide a screenshot or a video.

  All the taunts you can use
Posted by: php - 10-02-2017, 03:22 AM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - Replies (1)

(reposted, originally written by Baratako)

The following is a list of all the taunts you can use on the *|UP|* Zombie server. Enjoy!

[Image: IUpGDtT.png]
V41 - "Hey fritz, Hitler's a jackass punk!"
V42 - "What's the matter, not used to the enemy shooting back?"
V43 - "Hey fritz, kiss my ass, you dirty kraut bastard!"
V44 - "Got him!"
V45 - "You can heil Hitler in hell!"
V46 - "That's one less kraut to worry about!"
V47 - "Hey fritz, Hitler plays with dolls!"
V48 - "Hey fritz, your sister said to say hi!"
V49 - "You're going home in a coffin, fritz!"
V51 - "Kiss my New York ass!"
V52 - "Give it up klaus, you think Hitler cares if you live, he don't give a rats ass about you!"
V53 - "Hey klaus, I'll piss on you in hell!"
V54 - "This one's from Tenessee!"
V55 - "New York says hi, you kraut bastard!"
V56 - "Hey klaus, your CO's wearing a dress!"
V57 - "Kick their asses back to the fatherland!"
V58 - "*Cheers*"

V41 - "What's wrong, did you wet your pants?"
V42 - "Die, that makes it easier for both of us!"
V43 - "Die!"
V44 - "Got one!"
V45 - "That was too easy!"
V46 - "One less American to worry about!"
V47 - "You yankees are weak and your president is lame!"
V48 - "When we are done here, we will continue in New York!"
V49 - "You fight like a bunch of girls!"
V51 - "Give up, we both know you don't stand a chance!"
V52 - "In the end, you will be beaten anyway!"
V53 - "Sissy! Your whole army is girly!"
V54 - "it's just a matter of time until we drive you back even more, I hope you can all swim!"
V55 - "Better you than me, yank!"
V56 - "Hey yankee, soon your wife will be in my bed and your children will all speak German!"
V57 - "You Americans are the perfect targets for our machinegunners, but that's all!"
V58 - "*Cheers*"

[Image: LponJkj.png]
V41 - "See you in hell or Berlin, whichever I get to first!"
V42 - "Come ahead, you jerry cowards, square go, come on!"
V43 - "Die, you jerry rotter!"
V44 - "Got one!" / "Got him!"
V45 - "Got that bloody wanker!"
V46 - "That's one less jerry to worry about!"
V47 - "You'll be pushing up daisies before this war's over!"
V48 - "Lucky bastard!"
V49 - "And come back anytime, you jerry bastards, we'll be waiting for ya!"
V51 - "How about you nazis come out here and goose step into my sights!"
V52 - "Send them packing, lads!"
V53 - "So much for the master race!"
V54 - "Pack it, you jerry bastard!"
V55 - "Nailed him!"
V56 - "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!"
V57 - "Come on! Give the bastard another one!"
V58 - "Go and run, you jerry bastard!"

V41 - "What's wrong, did you wet your pants?"
V42 - "Die, that makes it easier for both of us!"
V43 - "Die!"
V44 - "Got one!"
V45 - "You were not that hard to kill!"
V46 - "One less Brit to worry about!"
V47 - "You will need a bigger island when this war is over to bury all the dead, tommy!"
V48 - "Isn't it time for your tea?"
V49 - "You fight like a bunch of girls!"
V51 - "Give up, we both know you don't stand a chance!"
V52 - "In the end, you will be beaten anyway!"
V53 - "Sissy! Your whole army is girly!"
V54 - "The British don't even give their soldiers proper helmets, those things look liek soup dishes!"
V55 - "Better you than me, Brit!"
V56 - "Churcill puts his worst men agaisnt us, what an insult!"
V57 - "Hey tommy, soon I'll be in London and you will be rotting here on this field!"
V58 - "*Cheers*"

[Image: x9icfHZ.png]
V41 - "You poor fascists bastards came all the way here just to die!"
V42 - "How does it feel to die on the Russian front?"
V43 - "Die, you fascist bastard!"
V44 - "Got one!" / "Got one!"
V45 - "This one's for my mother!" / "This one's for Valentina!" / "That one's for my little sister, you butchers!" / "And this one's for my dog, how you like it?!" / "That was for my father, you facist son of a *****"
V46 - "That's one less fascist to worry about!"
V47 - "Run, you cowards!" / "Run, you dirty German bastards!"
V48 - "For mother Russia!"
V49 - "*Yells for his motherland*"
V51 - "Die fritz, we'll throw you out in the spring!"
V52 - "Push back those facist invaders!"
V53 - "Kill those facists!"
V54 - "Another room, another dead German!"
V55 - "Better you than me, fascist!"
V56 - "Find your own building, fritz!"
V57 - "Eat dirt! This is Russian soil!"
V58 - "For the Soviet Union and for its glorious motherland, get ready!"

V41 - "What's wrong, did you wet your pants?"
V42 - "Die, that makes it easier for both of us!"
V43 - "Die!"
V44 - "Got one!"
V45 - "You were not that hard to kill!"
V46 - "One less Russian to worry about!"
V47 - "Go to hell, you Russian bastard!"
V48 - "I'm sorry Ivan, but we can go home if we win or lose!"
V49 - "You fight like a bunch of girls!"
V51 - "Give up, we both know you don't stand a chance!"
V52 - "In the end, you will be beaten anyway!"
V53 - "Sissy! Your whole army is girly!"
V54 - "Hey peasant, come here, I need some targets... and bring your sister too!"
V55 - "Better you than me, communist!"
V56 - "When we have conquered your worthless city, I'll piss on your mother's grave!"
V57 - "Don't worry, we will take care of your women and children!"
V58 - "*Cheers*"

Bjuster's Taunts (v2.2)

  Server Rules (multi languages) - Overview
Posted by: php - 10-02-2017, 03:19 AM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - Replies (5)

(reposted, originally written by k1R@ and other contributors)


  • English
  • Deutsch 
  • Dutch 
  • French 
  • Espanol
  • Russian
  • Turkish 
  • Croatian 
  • Polish 
  • Czech
  • Swedish 
  • Hungarian 
  • Lithuanian

0. No racism of any kind!
1. No cheating, hacking, glitching, bug abusing!
2. No low fps, F12, laggbinding!
3. No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave)!
4. No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players!
5. Do not block the way or sight of another player intentionally.
6. No profanity or offensive language (in any language)!
7. No offensive or potentially offensive names!
8. No advertising or spamming of websites or servers!
9. No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else!
10. No abusing of map exploits (God/Water glitch, Out of map)!
11. Do not use anything related to the tags of *|UP|* without being a member!

0. Rassismus - gleich welcher Art - wird NICHT geduldet!
1. Cheaten, Hacken, Glitchen und Bug-Missbrauch sind verboten!
2. Das Ausnutzen von niedriger Fps-Anzahl, F12 und bewusst herbeigeführtem Lag sind verboten!
3. Diskutiere nicht mit Admins (befolge ihre Anweisungen oder geh)!
4. Beleidigungen und beleidigendes Verhalten gegenüber Admins und anderen Spielern sind verboten!
5. Es ist verboten anderen Spielern absichtlich den Weg oder die Sicht zu versperren!
6. Vermeide vulgäres Fluchen und Schimpfwörter (in jeder Sprache)!
7. Beleidigende und anstößige Namen sind verboten!
8. Das Bewerben und Spammen von Webseiten und fremden Servern ist verboten!
9. Das Anwerben von Mitgliedern und Spielern für den eigenen Clan, Server oder Ähnliches ist verboten!
10. Der Missbrauch von Map-Fehlern (Gott-/Wasser-Glitch, verlassen der Map) ist verboten!
11. Nur *|UP|*-Mitglieder dürfen die *|UP|*-Tags verwenden - es ist verboten Tags zu verwenden, die ein *|UP|*-Tag immitieren sollen!

0. Geen racisme van wat voor soort dan ook!
1. Geen bedrog, hacking, glitching of bug misbruik!
2. Geen laag FPS gebruik, f12 of laggverbindingen!
3. Ga niet in discussie met admins  (luister en leer ervan of verlaat de server)
4. Geen beledigende taal of gedrag tegen admins of andere spelers!
5. Blokkeer niemand zijn pad of zicht opzettelijk!
6. Geen beledigend of offensief taal gebruik in wat voor taal dan ook!
7. Geen beledigende of potentieel beledigende namen!
8. Geen advertenties voor andere servers of websites!
9. Geen werving voor je clan, server of iets anders!
10. Geen misbruik maken van map (god/water glitch, uit de map gaan)!
11. Gebruik nooit gerelateerde tags van *|UP|* zonder lid te zijn!

0. Aucun racisme, sous aucune forme!
1. Aucune triche, hack, glitch ou abus de bug ne sera toléré!
2. Les fps bas, F12 ou autre laggbindings sont interdits!
3. Ne vous discutez pas avec les modérateurs (Ecoutez et apprenez ou quittez le serveur)!
4. N'utilisez pas de langage, ni de comportement abusif envers les modérateurs et les autres joueurs!
5. Il est défendu de bloquer l'accès ou la vue d'un autre joueur intentionnellement!
6. Aucune profanation ou langage offensif ne seront acceptés!
7. Les noms ou pseudonymes offensif sont strictement interdits!
8. Les publicités ou spam à propos d'autres serveurs ou sites internet ne sont pas autorisés!
9. Il est interdit de recruter dans le serveur pour votre propre clan!
10. Pas d'abus ou d'exploitation de carte(God/ invinciblité de l'eau, Sortie de map)!
11. Il est strictement interdit d'utiliser tout nom relatif au logo *|UP|* sans en être membre à part entière!

0. Prohibido el racismo de cualquier tipo!
1. No hagas trampas, hackees, glitchees o abuses de bugs!
2. No uses fps bajos, F12 o laggbinding!
3. No discutas con admins (escucha y aprende o vete)!
4. No uses lenguaje abusivo ni tengas una actitud abusiva hacia los admins u otros jugadores
5. No bloquees el camino o la visión de otros jugadores intencionalmente!
6. No blasfemes ni uses lenguaje ofensivo (en ninguna lengua)!
7. No uses nombres ofensivos o potencialmente ofensivos!
8. No hagas publicidad o spam de sitios web o servers!
9. No reclutes para tu clan, tu server o para cualquier otra cosa!
10. No abuses de las ventajas del mapa (Glitch de Dios/Agua, salir del mapa)!
11. No uses nada relacionado con los tags de *|UP|* sin ser miembro!

0. Запрещено проявлять расизм и ксенофобию на сервере в любой форме!
1. Запрещено читерство, глюки, и использование на сервере багов!
2. Запрет на использование бага с очень низким FPS и клавишей F12 (Лаг)
3. Не спорьте с админами (слушайте администратора или покиньте игру)!
4. Не используйте ненормативную лексику против админов и других игроков!
5. Не блокируйте проход и не усложняйте игру для других игроков!
6. Избегайте сквернословия (на любом языке)!
7. Запрещены ники, содержащие в себе ненормативную лексику, оскорбления, пошлости!
8. Запрещена любая реклама/спам, способные составить конкуренцию нашему серверу!
9. Запрещено набирать игроков в свой клан или сервер!
10. Не используйте баги на карте (бессмертие / глюк в воде / вылет с карты)!
11. Не используйте псевдонимы, связанные с тегом клана *|UP|* если вы не являетесь членом этого клана!

0. Her türlü ırkçılık yasaktır!
1. Hile ve hack yapmak, glitch ve bugları kötüye kullanmak yasaktır!
2. Düşük fps ve F12 kullanmak, bilerek lag yapmak yasaktır!
3. Yöneticilerle tartışmayın (dinleyip öğrenin ya da ayrılın)!
4. Yöneticilere veya diğer oyunculara karşı kötü konuşmak ve kötü davranışta bulunmak yasaktır!
5. Başka bir oyuncunun yolunu veya görüşünü bilerek engellemeyin!
6. Küfür veya hakaret etmek yasaktır (herhangi bir dilde)!
7. Hakaret içeren veya rencide edici isimler kullanmak yasaktır!
8. Sitelerin veya serverların reklamını yapmak yasaktır!
9. Klanınıza, serverınıza veya başka bir şeye üye alımı yapmak yasaktır!
10. Harita hatalarını kötüye kullanmak yasaktır (ölümsüzlük/su glitchi, haritanın dışına çıkmak gibi)!
11. Üye olmadan *|UP|* isim etiketleriyle ilgili hiçbir şey kullanmayın!

0.Nema rasizma nikakve vrste!
1.Nema chitanja,hakanja,glicanja,iskoristavanje bugova
2.Bez niskog fps-a i f12-a
3.Nema svadanja sa adminima(slusaj i uci ili otidi)!
4.Nesmije biti psovanja na ovom jeziku i bahacenja prema admini ili drugim igracima!
5.Nemoj blokati nikoga ili bu blokirati vidokrug!
6.Nema svadanja i psovanja na bilo kojem jeziku!
7.Nema vrjedajucih imena!
8.Bez objavljivanja tudih server i stranica,bez spammanja!
9.Nesmije se govoriti drugima za svoj klan,svoj server ili ista drugo!
10.Nesmijes izlaziti iz mape i nema koristenja god/vodu glitch!
11.Nemoj koristiti nikakve znakove slicne kao *|UP|* ako nisi clan klana!

0. Zakaz propagowania rasizmu!
1. Niedozwolone: cheaty, glitche, nadużycie bugów!
2. Zakaz używania bardzo niskich fps jak i F12 do lagowania!
3. Nie dyskutuj z adminami (słuchaj się albo wyjdź)!
4. Nie używaj obraźliwego języka wobec adminów oraz innych graczy!
5. Nie blokuj oraz nie utrudniaj gry innym graczom!
6. Unikaj wulgaryzmów (w każdym języku)!
7. Żadnych obraźliwych oraz wulgarnych nicków!
8. Zakaz reklamowania i spamowania stronami oraz serwerami!
9. Nie rekrutuj graczy do swojego klanu lub serwera!
10. Nie wykorzystuj błędów mapy (nieśmiertelność/glitch w wodzie/poza mapą)!
11. Nie używaj żadnych powiązanych nicków z tagiem klanowym *|UP|* nie będąc członkiem!

0. Ne rasismu jakéhokoli druhu!
1. Žádný podvádění, hacking, glitching, bug zneužívat!
2. Žádné nízké fps, F12, laggbinding!
3. Žádné dohadování s adminy (naslouchat a učit se, nebo nechte)!
4. Žádné urážlivého jazyka nebo chování vůči administrátory nebo ostatními hráči!
5. Neblokujte cesta nebo pohled na jiný hráč úmyslně!
6. Žádná sprostá slova nebo urážlivé výrazy (v libovolném jazyce)!
7. Žádné útočné či urážlivé jména!
8. Žádná reklama nebo spam internetových stránek nebo serverů!
9. Žádný nábor pro svůj klan, serveru, nebo cokoliv jiného!
10. Žádná zneužívat mapových využije (Bůh / voda závada, z mapy)!
11. Nepoužívejte nic související s tagy * | UP | *, aniž by byl členem!

0. Ingen rasism av något slag!
1. Ingen fusk, hack, glitch, eller bug missbrukning!
2. Ingen låg FPS, F12 eller laggbinds!
3. Inget argumenterande med Administratörer (lyssna och lär eller lämna)!
4. Inget kränkande språk eller beteende mot Administratörer och spelare!
5. Blockera inte en spelares väg eller syn med flit!
6. Inga svordomar eller stötande språk (gäller alla språk)!
7. Inga kränkande namn eller potentiellt kränkande namn!
8. Ingen annonsering eller spam av servrar och hemsidor!
9. Ingen rekrytering för din klan, server eller någonting annat!
10. Inget missbruk av map exploits(odödlig/vatten glitch, utanför mappen)!
11. Använd inget relaterat till *|UP|* taggen utan att vara en medlem!

0. Nincs rasszizmus bármilyen fajta!
1. Nincs csalás, hackelés, hiba, bug visszaélés!
2. Nincs alacsony fps, laggbindelés!
3. Nem vitatkozunk adminokkal (Hallgatni és tanulni, vagy hagyod)!
4. Nincs gyalázkodó szóhasználat vagy magatartás adminok felé vagy más játékosok iránt!
5. Ne blokkold az utat, ha látsz egy másik játékost szándékosan!
6. Nincs káromkodás, vagy sértő nyelv (bármely nyelven)!
7. Nincs bűncselekmény vagy potenciális sértő nevek!
8. Nincs reklám vagy spam honlapok és szerverek!
9. Nincs toborzás a klánjában, a szerver vagy bármi mást!
10. Nincs visszaélés a pálya részein (Isten / víz hiba vagy kint a pályán)!
11. Ne használjon bármely címkének *|UP|* anélkül hogy a tagja!

0. Jokio rasizmo.
1. Draudžiama naudotis žaidimą palengvinančiomis programomis bei klaidomis.
2. Draudžiama naudoti/turėti maža FPS, F12, laggbindint.
3. Draudžiama prieštarauti adminų nurodymais (Klausyk ir išmok arba išeik).
4. Draudžiama neigiamai ižeistį/pasielgti prieš adminus ir kitu žaidėjų.
5. Draudžiama tyčia blokuoti kelią arba regėjimą žaidėjams.
6. Draudžiama naudoti keiksmus ar ižeidžiantis žodžius. (Nesvarbu kokia kalba)
7. Draudžiama naudoti pavadinimus kurie yra ižeidžiantis.
8. Draudžiama reklamuotį/spaminti svetainės ir serverius.
9. Draudžiama rekrutuoti žaidėjūs į savo serveri,klana ar kažkas kito.
10. Draudžiama naudoti mapo exploitus kaip GOD/Water glitch, išeit iš mapo ir t.t
11. Draudžiama naudoti kas susiję su tagais *|UP|* nebūnant narys.

Thanks to everyone who helped translating!

  Lost Rank Information
Posted by: php - 10-02-2017, 03:18 AM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - Replies (2)

(reposted, written by k1R@)

This is an information guide in case you lost your rank. Ranks before the revive of UP are not counted in this.

What can I do if I've lost my rank?

1. If you have made an account on the webapp (here: http://uniting-people.eu/app), you can go ingame and write the command !migrate, there you need to enter the username and your password, and the rank from that account will be restored.

1.1 If you forgot your Username, you can ask us to find it out for you. If you don't know your password, you can reset your password, using the "Forgot password?" on the webapp (Note: that does only work if you had already set a recovery e-mail before!)

2. If you hadn't made an account on the webapp, but have old account files, you can use this guide (here: Lost Rank) to move them from the old up folder to the new up folder.

3. If you don't have an account and even lost the account file from the folder, you can ask for support (here: General Support). Make sure to give the required information that is listed on the support forum.

4. Alternatively you can contact php(riicchhaarrd) or noone via steam and we will try to help you to get your rank back.

Important: Never share your account password to anyone! Never share your up5.cfg file from upx folder to anyone!

  [TUTORIAL] How to join *|UP|* clan
Posted by: php - 10-02-2017, 01:06 AM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - No Replies

STEP - 1
You can't.

[Image: 24B2C7ABA38E25514955694D0E7A79E1834A9886]

In recent news: we don't accept any new members anymore. ayyyy lmao

  Forum changes
Posted by: php - 10-01-2017, 05:44 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (12)

- Removed kira's forum with all the bagage that came with it.
- Started from a clean MyBB (newest) and added a theme and tweaked it till I liked it
- Unfortunately and not unfortunately the threads and posts, accounts are gone (which is a good and a bad thing depending on how you look at it)
[ if you want old posts/threads I still have the database and could copy paste any guides anyone wants to repost, just ask me ]
- My OCD can handle with this forum much easier and I'll be more active probably (big plus for myself only)

Feel free to tell me what u think

(Also if anyone has a great ingame picture/screenshot and a better idea for the top banner/header, feel free to enlighten me)