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  cod2 clone in 2018
Posted by: Kittiesyogohurt - 03-12-2018, 07:02 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

i found this game 2 secs ago and thought it looks like cod2 have a look

u can make mods/maps i think its like cod2 with better graphics

  Newbie GUIDE
Posted by: lemontree - 03-08-2018, 12:22 PM - Forum: Informations & Tutorials - No Replies


Don't know if you remember the first time when you logged in and joined the community, but my first time was pretty confusing and a little bit hard to get used to. The only way I could learn the tricks and tips for the server was watching the others using it, and asking for the meaning of them. So I wrote this GUIDE for Newbies, to help them learn faster and improve their gameplay.

First of all, there's already a lots of useful information and tutorials on the forum, like Pro’s code collection for hidden doors on maps, and Knifehim's videos on how to bounce, wallspeed trick or instant zombie spawning. I recommend you to check them out, here's a link for that: http://uniting-people.eu/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=12


Leveling up is the main goal on this server, by it you can unlock new weapons and perks. The maximum level you can reach is 65, and the maximum XP you can accumulate is 175,000 XP. When you reach this amount, you can prestige (Esc -> Account -> Prestige). This will drop you back to level 1, but with 1 prestige (maximum prestige level is 5). Prestiging will unlock new slots for your weapon choosing menu and will make some perks available for you. Here's a list where you can check out the whole leveling up unlockments: http://uniting-people.eu/forum/showthread.php?tid=16
Also the maprotation changes every week, Sweden updates this every tuesday, here you can follow the one in use: https://uniting-people.eu/forum/showthread.php?tid=11



!command - the general use of the commands (some needs more arguments), only appear on your screen
@command - you can also use it like this, showing the result of the command to everyone in chat (e.g. if you have a need to swing your dick around then use @pks to show everyone your last killstreak)

You can also "bind" these commands to a key on your keyboard for easier and faster access. (e.g. open console and type: /bind "the-button-you-wanna-use" say !fpsboost)

The command list:

The best way to learn what do they do is to try them out, but here's the description for most of them:

!help / !h - command list
!fpsboost - optimizes your options in graphic boosting your FPS (you should always use this in my opinion)
!info - listing info
!rules - listing rules
!rule X - shows the X rule
!t2d X - disabling HUD (the value of X is 0 or 1)
!ks - killstreak
!fov - field of view (range 1-160, default: 80)
!pks - last killstreak
!dot - crosshair
!kinfe_kills_left / !kkl - shows how many kills you need as a zombie to use the zombie knife as a hunter (overall 500)
!rtv - voting to change the map (for this (players/2)+1 needs to vote yes, also works via pressing F1)
!register - you can register and save your account
!migrate - login for registered accounts
!me - showing your UID
!stats - showing your stats (can check out others' too)
!spec - puts you in spec for the next round (if you need it this one, then ask an admin)
!rtd - only can be used as a hunter once a turn and costs 50 points giving you one of the following: nothing, shocking experience, death, burn, smoke grenade, disabled weapons for 10 sec, 75 points, 100 XP


None - Nothing (pretty self explanatory)
Recon - This will show the health of the zombie you just shot.
Knockback - This will remove knockback received from enemy gunfire and grenades. (the best perk for a zombie in my opinion)
Elite Hitman - Headshots with bolt action rifle will kill the zombie, that's all this perk does.
Hardline - This will reduce all killstreak rewards by 1, and every 6th assist gives you a kill (10 points).
Resilience - This will give extra health when you spawn. (not sure how useful is this)
Fully loaded - This will give extra ammo when you spawn.
Ghost - This will remove your star from the map. (yeah, it's not a bug, it's a perk)
Overkill - This will spawn with 2 primary weapons, but limited ammo.
Panzerschreck - Your secondary weapon will be a panzerschreck.

Feel free to ask any questions, or add more information to this guide. Thanks for reading it through and I hope it helped you to understand the gamemode better and improve on your gameplay.

  Joining UP clan information (repost)
Posted by: File - 03-06-2018, 09:11 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hello UP players. 

I'd like to announce that UP is taking in new members once again.
In order to apply you will have to meet the following requirements:

- Activity in the server
- Forum account and a Steam or Discord account
- Good English skills
- Being helpful in the server
- Overall behaviour
- Follow all server rules

Once you meet the requirements feel free to contact me via forum PMs, Steam (filipraos1) or Discord (File#8982).
If you meet the requirements above then there will be a clan vote about you joining the team.


  how did u discover *|UP|* back then
Posted by: Kittiesyogohurt - 03-06-2018, 06:09 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

hey guys this is just for fun to keep the forum activ

so how did u discover *|UP|*?
my story: i always played cod1 on my crappy laptop when i was 11 and a friend of my had cod2 and i always wanted to play that game,
 so asked him if i could play it. He gave me the disc and told me i could keep it he didnt like it.
i played the campaign 2 times then wanted to play multiplayer didnt work but it was on LAN Blush 
soo i put it on internet and played online and the first server i joined was *|UP|*

sweet kisses ~kitties Heart

  time to say goodbye
Posted by: Kimi - 11-27-2017, 02:16 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (7)

There were so reasons that I need to be prepared for examinations to enter the university. Now it is time to cease to play games. I love you all.
  I wish all good luck and to achieve the objectives in life.
bye bye Wink

Exclamation Legend (@17089) ban appealing
Posted by: TRLGSS - 11-26-2017, 10:03 PM - Forum: General Support & Issues - Replies (8)

Considering he does not speak english at all and I'm spanish, I opened here a post as this guy is asking me for a ban lift.

He is telling me it was a misunderstanding and he just copy-pasted the message when he headshot BMW.

Raul (@1129) told him that it was a wrong idea and he ended up getting banned. He holds that if he were hacking, many others messages would have been shown, but there's only 1 message. You can read it here. (2017-11-26 17:34:33)

On my opinion, there's too much coincidence that -right when he gets the headshot- he knew he was shooting BMW so he could C&P that message. 
On this, he said he waited until his name popped up on the killfeed, but I was not in the server in that moment so I don't know if that's true. Any proof rather than chatlog is appreciated. 
Keep in mind that you can't know who are you about to kill unless you have a Name ESP hack, as enemy names does not pop up.

"Other messages" argument can be rejected as he maybe messed up with cheat's controls so he activated it just for a try, or maybe unintentionally, and he disabled it when he noticed his mess. 

I post it here so he can enter, read and defend his position in this post, everyone can reply and discuss, but only admin/inf decisions will be taken into consideration as this topic is targeted at members, at least on my point of view. Any eyewitness can post his proofs too. If this should be on the member section, let me know, so I will delete and move it to member section.

Legend already talked to File and Wymiatacz but I'd like to hear them.  

Greets, TRLGSS.

  Memory lane
Posted by: Knifehim - 11-21-2017, 12:24 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

I was looking through my old screenshots I have saved on my computer, here is a few of them if you are interested.

One of my oldest picture I have from a random zombie mod back in the day. 18 ‎May ‎2009

Before I joined UP. ‎30 ‎April ‎2011

When I was in infantry. ‎17 ‎September ‎2011

Old members. ‎29 ‎April ‎2012

Random picture. ‎20 ‎July ‎2012

  blocked lift
Posted by: Kimi - 11-12-2017, 07:52 AM - Forum: Report Players - Replies (1)

Name: |6864|
Proofs: https://youtu.be/SF-jM2IEFjU

  Call of Duty 2 Any% Speedrun WR (2:48:11) by Knifehim
Posted by: Knifehim - 11-06-2017, 03:34 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (9)


I'm not sure if anyone here is interested in speedrunning. But last night I managed to regain my title as I beat first place by about 3 mins. If you have not noticed me in the server recently this is the reason why. Big Grin 

  error in !migrate
Posted by: Kittiesyogohurt - 11-04-2017, 09:42 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

when i do !migrate and go in on the steps after i did my password it says in the screen ERROR!
pls help me with this error
Kitties Heart