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Thread Contributor: TimmetjeuConnect to server problem.
Hello people from UP,

I got a problem.

When i want to connect to the server, i need to download some stuff from the mod, but there is a problem with it. 
Everytime i download something it says that there is an error with download with idontreally.care or something like that.

Thank you for your time. (sorry for bad english)
Maybe try each time to download the files again and again until it works. Personally I had the same problem as you but with another file and it worked.
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I fixed it.

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I unfortunately still have a similar issue, I have attempted to connect to server multiple times and each time the download screen is stuck at estimating or a "Download failure while getting 'http://uniting-people/eu/dl//upx/p6.iwd' and have had no luck so far.
Deltaforce  here you go: http://freewarhost.eu/upx2018.zip
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