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Thread Contributor: ElEmEnTMap-Auck Capitalism
Hey Guys,
actually I stopped mapping, but since I started an internship as architect I wanted to create something again. 
Ofc its nothing to compare with, but anway here it is.

At first I tried to remake a version of skyscrapers of Trouble in Terrorist Town of Garrys Mod, but in the end I ended here. I think it was called like it.
Here are the screenshots:

[Image: peYnIyh.jpg]

[Image: J0A1NUv.jpg]

[Image: GYib1y2.jpg]

Lets see if new maps get uploaded any time. Big Grin @php
Greets ElE Smile

Since 2010

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Looks sweet, also seems like jump skills will come in handy here.
Good job Smile
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Looks interesting, I would like to see more screenshots ^^
( •_•)
∫\ \
I've also made an skyscraper map hahahaha looks really cool to play, I hope to see it in the server someday (and mine too)
[Image: giphy.gif]
Looks pretty nice and it's a textured map!
[Image: UMPhbbi.jpg]
look cool man keep up the work
[Image: 2n7zv4.png]
[Image: vwzyu8.gif]
Looks nice man!! Good job!
It looks nice *_*
B ! G ~ F 4 1 L
#added to next mappack
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