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Thread Contributor: TETA DZIPplayed few years back, will most likely return on april 18.
So i dont expect anything, im ready to start from scratch but i was wondering if it was possible. 
me and my 2-3 friends used to play here few years ago, i dont remember exacly when. it was a year before up lost most players and sandros server got popular, then we quit because we didnt like it. Back to the point, we created TETA squad, at first we were TETA NEVINA, TETA DRAGICA, there was another one and me. at peak i think we had around 15 players with teta in their name. I used to be prestige 0 max level since i wanted to have acces to all weapons, while my friends reached higher prestiges. We used to have game pirated, since it is free of course.  So since i uninstaled the game i was wondering if i install it again is it possible to return account based on name (since we all used key code generators). No matter the answer i will probably come back, it would just be nice to have it back.
E moje tete.. Hahahah teta nevina debil
Hazzie,Scream,King and Njofra like men. And possibly girls.
Hello, I'd remember your squad and remember you Smile

Never mind, let me explain you something, this server has been built on an account system, so all of your statuses will be saved in that account, whether you deleted the game or not.  So, you've to try to remember your login info... such as username and the password.

If you can't remember the password and you have the username, call some of these admins:  File, Scream or php

After all, when you're in the server, write !migrate or !login , then write your info there.

If you have any other questions, join UP discord here: https://discord.gg/xNjJkeY
sudo apt-get rekt
So as far as i know there are two options for you to get your rank back.
You said u uninstalled the game few years ago, but even when you uninstall CoD2 there is still one folder left on your disc with maps and data downloaded from servers u visited. If you somehow didn't clean your PC for this few years it's possible you still have "upx" folder in your old CoD2 localization (or maybe u saved upx intentionally somewhere in your computer?). Anyway, if you still have your old upx folder, u need to copy/paste it to your new CoD2 localization and join the game. You should get your rank back automatically.

Second option to get your rank back is !login or !migrate when u join the game. But it will work only if you did !register few years ago and if you remember your login and password. If you remember that you registered your account in the past, but you forgot your username, then your only hope is to contact File in private.
And yeah, the best way to do this is via Discord.

If none of above options work for you I'm affraid you need to start again. But this time, remember to !register immediately after joining the game and save your login and password for the future Wink
I just checked, you didn't create an account. Nonetheless i hope to see you joining the server again. It has been a long time Big Grin
(03-13-2019, 07:01 PM)scream Wrote: I just checked, you didn't create an account. Nonetheless i hope to see you joining the server again. It has been a long time Big Grin

well thanls for checking. i dont mind starting because as i said i wasnt even prestige 1 but i will try something guy above suggested with files. final questin, someone mentioned at peak there are aro7nd 30 players, when would that peak be?
According to Gametracker the highest traffic is on Friday and Saturday evenings, or Sunday afternoon. Generally weekends.
But we expect much higher traffic nearest weekend because there will be new mappack added and double exp Smile

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