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Thread Contributor: MarkoGive second Chance
Hi guys this is AK-74 I was banned 2 days ago because I was blocking sorry as I was high on weed because I live in Canada and the other day they just legalized weed so I went hard on players ;-) please give AK a second chance to bring the entertainment back   Big Grin Heart Heart
Don't blame smoking weed on something you do since the first time you joined. You have been banned for blocking more than 10 times.
If you ask me: don't unban.
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It wouldn't be your "second chance". I can see you were banned 5th times for blocking/insulting since May 2017.
You've already encountered kinda angelic patience here. You could be banned for a way longer time for recidivism, clearly Wink
What's more, after I warned your for the first time you told me to learn that you will never change, it's just your style of playing and you won't do that another way.

Yet, it's still another chance for you. Just wait this 2 months and try to convince yourself meanwhile you don't have to play like moron and act toxic. Shouldn't be that hard ^^
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Confused Confused

OK we get it, I was blocking but I have already told you that I was blocking on one player only during that time I wasn't blocking on a bunch of players and that player had insulted me and blocked me too prior. I'm not pleasing anyone to unbann me I only asked and got rejected which is fine.  Dodgy
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